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OLS, Officina Lavorazioni Speciali S.r.l., was founded in 1955 offering the customer dedicated processes for the refrigeration market, starting from the simple connections (piping) for the refrigeration systems and circuits, up to the development and creation of the entire evaporator assembly .

The technology used to obtain the finished evaporator is based on the rollbond system, the true heart of the system.

Over the years the company continues to grow, specializing in the specific processing of evaporator systems based on rollbond technology, in the creation of heat exchangers, in specific piping-connections and in valve group assembly applications for the refrigeration circuit.

Thanks to its specific expertise and many years of experience acquired OLS S.r.l. over time it becomes one of the main suppliers of the major appliance manufacturing groups (white goods or household appliances sector).

Ols today. continues its production activity offering the same service, both for large manufacturing players and for small customers who require particularly complex and specific projects and applications, today as then the quality, flexibility, experience in the product, allow each type customer to find an efficient partner capable of satisfying every request.